Kusan has gone by many names, but the two that endured the longest are Auel Kusan. He stands as one of the most renowned and fondly remembered leaders of The State in all its history. With an exceptional ability for teaching, he became a mentor to many individuals, among them: Vulnus, Sherlock, Coffee, Karthas, Laxus, Azrael, Irish, Muzak, JJ, and dozens more. His leadership prowess and charisma garnered widespread recognition, enabling him to swiftly rise through the ranks within The State.

Auel Küsän

A portrait of Auel Kusan in his prime.

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The State, Elysia, The Blades of Nekron, The Unified State


Auel, Küsän, Ares


SAFF Era/Modern State

Kusan initially joined The State as a spy for an unknown guild during the SAFF Era in 2013. He stayed for about a week and a half and left. Later, during the Modern State Era, he dedicated himself to climbing the ranks. Kusan consistently attended drills, remained active, and prepared for State exams. His meticulous notes and command of required terminology led him to excel in all his exams. One particular exam, which others performed adequately on, showcased Kusan's exceptional performance. Auel noticed this achievement, prompting the creation of the rank of Command Sergeant Major specifically for Kusan, granting him command over State-wide Sergeants and subordinates.

Over time, Kusan rapidly ascended through the ranks, even bypassing some positions to become a Captain. This era in The State's history was notably stringent, making Kusan's skipping of ranks, such as Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant, significant news.

During Kusan's tenure as Captain, The State expanded by adding Infantry Three and Infantry Four, doubling its size. While Auel focused on plotting off mapping and other matters, Kusan concentrated on leading his infantry. However, during this period, his leadership style was harsh, spending extensive time on coordination and drill formations. Although his infantry excelled in competitions, they grew stressed and dissatisfied with Kusan's leadership.

One day, Kusan woke up to find his entire infantry roster empty. This prompted him to reassess his leadership methods, realizing that his authoritative approach had backfired. Under Auel's permission, Kusan rebuilt his infantry with new recruits and transformed his leadership style, becoming more compassionate and focused on guiding his infantry.

The morale within his infantry significantly improved, and Kusan trained many individuals, some of whom became prominent figures, like Vulnus. As The State continued expanding, Kusan was promoted to Major, despite not being favored by peers like Morzan. The upper command weakened with General Pierce's extreme inactivity. Becoming one of the two Colonels at that time, Kusan began assertively contacting Auel to address The State's direction. Eventually, after persuading Auel, Kusan assumed the role of General of The State.

To solidify his authority and leadership transition, Kusan requested to take on the name of Auel, viewing it as a symbol of authority. This decision led to the creation of the Line of Auel. With the aim of fostering diversity in military guilds, Kusan dismantled The State, leading to the rise of new militaries like Elysia.

"I killed The State with the intention of expanding the variety and growth of making more military guilds abundant."

- Auel Kusan.


Kusan is the founder of Elysia, a prominent society nation that existed on both Classic and Delteria. For further information, you can visit the Elysian site (defunct).


The Blades of Nekron

Kusan returned to Graal for a brief visit, to once again, find himself at the center of an impersonating scandal orchestrated by Muzak. After weeks of identifying himself, Kusan joined The Blades of Nekron, a tight community that gave a certain flare to GMC culture and stood out to him amongst other current GMC guilds. This is also where he met Naz, who he would later become close friends with.

The Unified State

Upon his return to Graal in 2021, Kusan was immediately contacted to advise on the future of The State. Due to his current responsibilities, he initially chose to serve solely as an advisor. However, after several months of studying the GMC and understanding the current state of affairs, he eventually resumed the position of General. His objectives were twofold: 1.) Revitalize and invigorate the stagnant GMC, 2.) Distinguish himself from Muzak for the new generation. Following the launch of The Unified State on May 31st, 2021, Kusan led the military under The Bastion ruleset on a warpath. Within two weeks, the Unified State remained undefeated in its battles and had gained control of the vast majority of claimable land on Graal. The defeated opponents included: The Vehm, Semper Forctus, Arcadia, Imperio Quin, Helsingor Republic, Arnithen, Naberius, The New Flores Empire, and others.

Kusanic Missionaries

Kusan Delawyn led a religious following called the Kusanic Missionaries. Known as Kusanists, these followers adopted specific aspects and traits of Kusan's personality but kept to themselves to avoid causing trouble. The Missionaries were later reformed as “The Church of Kusan” in February 2021, where Kusan encountered a close friend, Azerius. Azerius engaged the Church in combat against other militaries, notably securing York Town as the Church's main territory on several occasions.

Titles and Achievements

  • Founder and Leader of Elysia
  • Co-founder of the Graal Military Wiki
  • Leader and General of The State on several occasions
  • Second Grand King of The State
  • Captain of State Infantry III

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