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The logo of Ares

The Line of Ares was founded by Auel Küsän. The line focuses on unique leaders throughout the GMC who express a high aptitude for guild combat. These members have also demonstrated their capabilities in the name of Küsän and are entitled to any of the guilds he has founded when he’s absent. These guilds include but are not entirely limited to: Elysia, Küsänic Missionaries, The Duchy of Küsän, and The Church of Küsän. Members of the Ares line are the heads of The Küsän Family and may add or remove members of the family, but may not exceed the choices of higher members of the line. The line has been affiliated with many guilds and organizations such as Elysia, The Church of Küsän, The Bastion, The State, The Unified State, and Aurea.

Hierarchy System

The hierarchy system of the Ares line is as follows: The highest individual is the person who’s the highest in the line who is not absent, e.g. if Küsän goes absent, JJ out speaks every Ares under him and takes over the line and its rights.


Auel Küsän Ares I - Founder of the line.

JJ Küsän Ares II - Demonstrated exceptional leadership and genuine quality serving in The Unified State.

Thanatos Küsän Ares III - Demonstrated exceptional leadership and genuine quality while serving in The Unified State.

Former Claimants

Azerius - Was expelled from the line due to an unknown reason, but demonstrated and fit the criteria one would need to-to become an Ares.