War of Destruction

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The War of Destruction (March 2020 - May 2020) was a series of conflicts between the Third Sarovian Empire and a pact that included the Oxerian Empire, the Holy Imperian Empire, and the Southern League, which consisted of the Arcadian Sovereignty and the Imperial Maverian Empire. The war had unified three formerly hostile parties under the common goal of the destruction of Sarovia and its leader, Constantine Vasa.

Before The War

The War of Destruction marked the end of a nearly eight month long drought in conflict and activity, which began after the combined forces of Imperia and Aurea defeated the Sarovian Empire across the map and forced the resignations of Constantine and Martius Vasa. During the time after this war, the Oxerian Empire slowly drifted away from being Sarovia's ally and became friendlier with the Holy Imperian Empire. On December 1st, 2019, the Kingdom of Arcadia declared independence from Imperia and tensions between two remained high up until the beginning of the war. Meanwhile, an unknown figure was attempting to bring the New Sarovian Empire out of an eight-month slump.

Beginning of The War

On the 11th of March, Constantine reveals himself to the Graal Military Community, returning to Graal nearly eight months after his resignation and his defeat by Imperian and Aurean forces in mid-July of 2019.

Battle for MoD Town

Three days after Constantine's official return, the Arcadians attacked the Imperians at York Town, and shortly after opened a front against the Oxerians at MoD Town. While the Imperians were successfully able to defend York Town, the Sarovians took advantage of the conflict and used it as an opportunity to take the lands of Delta and Destiny uncontested. Once all other fronts were closed, the nations of Imperia, Sarovia, Arcadia, and Oxeria converged at the main front in MoD Town. Arcadia, Imperia, and Oxeria agreed to a ceasefire due to ghosting, warping, and an attempted Sarovian false claim mid-battle.

Much to Sarovia's dismay, Arcadia was not on their side when the battle resumed 24 hours later. While the Imperians marched on Delta and the Oxerians marched on Big City at the northern docks, the Arcadians attacked Destiny, which despite taking just over 24 hours before, the Sarovians denied ownership of. Uncontested at Destiny, the Arcadians moved on to claim MoD uncontested as well, before finally fighting and defeating the Sarovians at Onnet Town. When the dust settled, Sarovia was defeated on five fronts and lost the land they gained the day before. This two-day battle marked the official beginning of the War of Destruction.

Major Conflicts

Battle for Destiny

On April 3rd, 2020, conflict rose again as Sarovia launched an attack on the Southern League and moved into Destiny. As the battle raged on, Imperians began joining the Arcadians and Maverians, and remained until the battle ended.

After fifteen hours of fighting, The Southern League and Sarovia agreed to declare the battle a draw, signing a truce that was meant to last for thirty days. The Southern League would keep Destiny and leave the Anti-NSE pact that formerly consisted of them, Imperia, and Oxeria. In addition, the Southern League and Sarovia would not claim each other's lands, wage war against each other, or interfere in the other's foreign affairs.

Battle for Gegrin

Also known as the Battle for Onnet Town, on April 18th, 2020, Oxerian troops waited at Onnet Forest, with Imperian troops in Onnet Cave gathering at 6:00 P.M (Eastern Standard Time), to dispel false claims by Sarovia. After a false charge by Imperian troops, Sarovian troops showed up at the battle at 6:05.

After two hours of battling, the area was ghosted, leading to the battle being moved north towards Northern Wilderness. At 5:10 A.M, the area was ghosted yet again, leading to the battle being moved further west.

After twelve hours of battling, Imperian and Oxerian troops claimed victory at 6:35 A.M, after receiving winning screenshots.

The End

In May of 2020, Oxeria and the Southern League (consisting of Maveria and Arcadia) formally left the Anti-NSE pact through a series of documents. The three nations all claimed that Imperia was using the Anti-NSE pact for their own personal gain and political influence. With Sarovia being relatively dormant and the dissolution of the Anti-NSE pact, this marked the end of the "War of Destruction".