The Southern League

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The Federation, also called the Southern League, was an organization which started as an alliance initially between the Arcadian Sovereignty and the Maverian Kaiserreich, later the Atiesh Empire and Phoenix as well. The body was formally established when Arcadia and Maveria held a series of diplomatic talks with the New Sarovian Empire regarding the rules of war.

Flag of Southern League


Formal Establishment

The first formal use of the name "Southern League" was during the series of meetings between the New Sarovian Empire and the allies Arcadia and Maveria. Before that, Arcadia and Maveria were simply allies and no real cooperation nor joint international policy was present.

The name was codified after the talks with the New Sarovian Empire where a document was signed by both parties on the 14th of April 2020, regulating the rules of war when they are to engage against one another in the future. The agreement was later recanted by Sarovia after the Southern League invaded Sarovian territories.

Anti-Sarovian Coalition

After the successful invasion of Sarovian territories, the League joined a coalition formed by Imperia and Oxeria meant to defeat the New Sarovian Empire. Several campaigns and wars were fought during this time.

For a while, the coalition was maintained and there a new status quo was formed.

Anti-Imperian Alliance

After some time, the Southern League, together with the Oxerian Empire, Kiev Grad, and the Atiesh Empire, decided to leave the coalition and entered into an alliance against Imperia. This culminated with York being taken by Maveria; Snow Town went to Oxeria; Castle and Red Lamp Inn went to Atiesh and Kiev, while the rest went to Arcadia.


There were several internal conflicts happening between Arcadia and Maveria before the Southern League finally dissolved. The harboring of an Arcadian criminal and a certain controversial family, as well as the rising tension between the two allies, led to Arcadia declaring its exit from the Federation on the 3rd of August 2020.

The Arcadian exit was mired with controversy and criticism, and the Maverian government sent out its own statement saying its army is "ready and prepared for any situation, the Imperial Government can boast one of the top-standing armies in both activity and combat-effectiveness."

Arcadia later clarified that it had no intention of igniting any more tension and declared its neutrality with Maveria.

Main players

There were several officers who handled the affairs of the Federation, but only a few did put their attention in, at least initially, maintaining closer cooperation and decision making. At one point, the Federation was, in fact, seen and acted as one entity, which allowed it to dominate the community in the brief moment it was alive, and it arguably acted like a singular military at one point until its members' divergence in foreign and domestic policies.

  • Peter R. Rhodes, Arbiter of Arcadia - As leader of Arcadia, he had the final say in all matters alongside the leaders of Maveria and Atiesh.
  • Frederick Braganza, then Kaiser of Maveria - As leader of Maveria, he had the final say in all matters alongside the leaders of Arcadia and Atiesh.
  • Gareth Eastbourne, then Chancellor of Maveria - Coordinated Arcadian-Maverian meetings and activities
  • Nylius V. Avidius, then High Councillor of Sangmerita (Arcadia) - Headed several talks and agreements as liaison between the League and other parties
  • Rodrigo Dracke Stoni, Akag of Atiesh - leader of the Atiesh Empire, spokesman for politics and the influence of the southern league in the Brazilian and Turkish communities.