Guilds and Leaders of 2016

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Graal Military Leaders of 2016

  • Kevlar Regium Vaughn, led Communist Aurea and founded the Aurean Empire in both Classic and Ol' West, novel GFX artist.
  • Azrael Kusan Vaughn, was the 2nd Emperor of the Aurean Empire, formerly a Sarovian officer.
  • Harau Exilius Bacsey, Emperor of the Bacseyian Empire
  • Xenophon Bacsey, high ranking Bacseyian officer (Legate).
  • Sol Fessler, led Bastille and several other guilds, former Aurean officer, has quit, amateur GFX artist.
  • Vulnus Regium, led a somewhat successful State, was the Aurean Empire's First Minister.
  • Mevarus Avidius Vaughn, was a Prince in the Aurean Empire, was a Commissar and Colonel-General in Communist Aurea and an officer in some noteworthy militaries.
  • Constantine Mako III, led the New Sarovian Empire several times this year, has gone inactive.
  • Peter Astoria Rhodes, led several militaries this 2016, a high ranking Bacseyian officer (High Legate).
  • Regius Magnus S'ahlesius, was Bacseya's General, former Aurean Commissar and Marshal.
  • Tyrell Vaiken, led the Vaiken Order and Exercitus Romanae, former Aurean Commissar, former Bacseyian Legionnaire, was a Republican Colonel.
  • James Dolan, led Bunicken Reich, former Commissar in Communist Aurea, and was a Minister in the Imperial Court of Aurea.
  • Ryzallion Magnus, was the leader of Interritus.
  • Chiang, Co-Founder and former Commissar of Aurea, former Viceroy of Bacseya, was the Emperor of Colstrium.
  • Auel Vist, led a few guilds this 2016, contributed in the creation of the short-lived Kingdom, and was the General of the Republic. Auel also created two guilds called The Royal Government and The Royal Army on May 17th, 2016. This project ultimately did not come to fruition.
  • Isamu Ryuji, founder and king of Sehzan.
  • Ian Kalvacia, led Kalvacia for about 3 months.
  • Paynius Valeria, successfully led Sehzan Knights and played a major role in various wars.
  • Germain Crawford, led several guilds this 2016, played some role in various wars and conflicts.
  • Muzak Kusan, led various guilds this 2016 like Reinhard, Kaiserreich, and some other guilds that lasted at least a week or so.
  • Auel Morzan, was an officer in Vulnus' State, was the King of Mazarus which monopolized the community for a few weeks, introduced a set of new officer-worthy people.
  • Donald, led a somewhat successful guild called Cerenthia with Paw, was an Aurean officer.
  • Paw Vivre, led Cerenthia alongside Donald, started a rebellion against Kevlar's reign, was a Sarovian officer, was an officer in some noteworthy militaries.
  • John Atlas, was a Sarovian Prince and General, ended the first Sarovian Empire, was a big figure this 2016.
  • Outlaw Mako, was a Sarovian Prince and officer (general?), supposed successor of Constantine, participated in a few militaries like the Aurean Republic.
  • Grizz Regium, Lord-Commander of House Regium, Major General of Vulnus's State, Lieutenant General of Sarovia and First Minister of the First Aurean Empire.