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Vasa is a prominent family of the Graal Military Community, founded by Constantine. Vasa was the ruling house of the New Sarovian Empire, however is now a noble house of the Aurean Empire after Constantine I of Sarovia ceded all of his claims and titles to Emperor Kevlar IV through the historic document "Act of Abdication and Relinquishment" in 2020. Despite this, Sarovia maintains its claims to House Vasa, disputing the document written and enacted by Constantine. It traces its roots back to House of Mako, the original ruling house of Sarovia. The House of Vasa has a long history as it is tied with several major events that had occurred within the New Sarovian Empire. One of its cadet branches is the House of Vasa-Nassau, the ruling house of the Kingdom of Nassau under the New Sarovian Empire.