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The Fessler Family

Family Emblem


Sol Fessler



Family Heads

  • Sol Fessler I
  • Leon Fessler II
  • Choco Fessler III
  • Ace Fessler IV

The Fessler Family was founded by Sol Fessler in 2014, following Project Eden. The family is most commonly affiliated with Amestris (or Amestria), though it has had a presence in the State and numerous other militaries.


After the fall of Project Eden, Sol strove to create a group of like-minded individuals who were capable of working together in order to better the people of the community. The Fessler Family was seen as a symbol for people who wanted to create change with the idea of "Yes, we can do it!".

The Fessler family would hold prominence within the Graal Military Community for many years to come, the most recent example being the latest iteration of Amestris, which restored Fessler to its former glory.



  • Sol Fessler I - First Head of The Lineage and Founder of The Fessler Family.
  • Leon Fessler II - The Second Head of The Lineage, appointed as the new head upon Sol's retirement.
  • Choco Fessler III - The Third Head of The Lineage, briefly took control of the line during his revolution against the Unified State.
  • Ace Fessler IV - The Fourth and Current Head of The Lineage, appointed by Leon upon his retirement.


Former Members