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Crawford is a prominent family of the Graal Military Community, founded by Germaine Crawford in 2015.


Currently residing in the guild: Kingdom of Falconclaw
Germaine Crawford (July 26th, 2022)
The name was inactive until the creation of the first Crawford Kingdom. The guild allowed people to earn the Crawford name through dedication and loyalty. However, the guild disbanded after a short, but successful run.

In around 2017, Germaine tried his hand at another guild, Hyperia, the second Crawford Kingdom. With it, more people were inducted into the family. After Hyperia died off, Germain quit the game.

In a turn of events, Germaine had been participating in paedophilia. This has received widespread backlash from the community and as a result, everyone disowned the Crawford name. Bobi then took initiative and usurped Germaine. This leads us to the present day, where few continue to wear the name.