The Long Summer of 2017

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The Long Summer of 2017 (6/23/2017-10/23/2017) was a significant conflict in the military community. It involved the vast majority of the militaries, small to large - forming two opposing military alliances. It is among the largest conflicts in military history.

Participants involved:

An estimate by State Stats found on the website listed an estimated 639 players involved in the conflict as of June 29th 2017.

Course of the War

The War Begins: The Battle at Snowtown (June 23 - June 24)

The Great War began with a territory dispute between Valeria and Astorreich over Snowtown. The conflict lasted over 24 hours (with some debate over whether it lasted 27 or 35 hours) and is so far, the longest battle in military history. To assist in their dispute, Valeria and Astoria requested help from various other militaries, leading to escalation and the formation of two large, opposing military alliances.

The main battle was at Snowtown, with other battles between the two alliances taking place at the same time at York & Delta at various points.

  • Coalition Forces
    • Astorreich
    • The Horde
    • The State
    • Nova Byzantine Autokratia
    • Empire of Hakkan
  • Allied Forces
    • Valeria
    • New Sarovian Empire
    • Kingdom of Wulf


After admin intervention in Snowtown, Coalition Forces and Valeria agreed to a stalemate.

York Conflicts (June 25-27)

About 4-5 minor scale conflicts took place simultaneous to the battle already raging in snow-town. Most of these conflicts involved a small-medium sized group of Allied Forces (Valerians and members of Wulf) successfully pushing back similar sized squads sent by Nova Byzantine, Empire of Hakkan, and State.

Administration Intervention

There have been three battles as of July 2nd 2017: The Battle at Snowtown, The First Battle of York, The Second Battle of York.

However, Graal Staff have typically intervened, "ghosting" the entire area so that players can no longer see each other and are unable to continue fighting, and then warping all players out of the area.

As a result, each battle has been inconclusive with no clear victors. However, both sides continue to claim victory in each battle without recognition from the other side.


There are accusations from either side of leaders using foul play to wipe enemy guilds at several points throughout the war.

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