The Winter Revolution

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On January 20th, 2018, protests arose at the Graal City Train Station calling for the abolition of New Sarovia and the execution of Constantine, with players wearing shields depicting the Sarovian flag being broken and torched as well as Constantine's head on a pike.

After 1 hour of protest, the revolt was moved to the Sarovian-occupied territory of Delta by several individuals, most notably Payinus, Zykion, Snake, Paw, Winston, Isaiah, and Azrael. PvP soon began after their arrival as Sarovian divisions attempted to destroy the protest. After that, Paw Vivre, the leader of a small group known as People Against Sarovia (PAS), called Snake, Winston, and Arno to his guild house. Winston proposed a strategy in which several guilds, including PAS, Kiev, The Confederate States, Lotus, and others, could be divided amongst different areas to stretch the Sarovian Infantry thin across its numerous territories.

Paw approved of the strategy and gathered all of the protesters. Winston then had them hold formation on the bridge to Delta and gave a quick speech. Soon after, Paw sent a message to the Sarovian forces, declaring war against the Sarovian Empire. Sarovian forces were allegedly expecting an easy victory as it was a loose coalition they were combating.

The People Against Sarovia were attacking Delta in full force, outnumbering Sarovian infantry. On the advice of Sergei, Lotus then launched an attack on MoD Town along with a few PAS supporters that led to an evacuation of the town by Sarovia and a swift victory for PAS and Lotus. Kiev then launched an attack on York, and soon after, the Confederate States joined the fray, supporting the PAS at Delta. 

After about 2 hours, the leaders of the coalition gathered in Paw's guild house to discuss their next move. After discussing strategy, soldiers were called to the guild house and divided into three squads. The squads were deployed to MoD, York, and Delta. The squad deployed to MoD was soon diverted to York due to the lack of activity in the area.

Soon after the second squad had arrived in York, Destiny had fallen to the PAS, and Sarovia began a retreat from Delta resulting in victory for the PAS. After an hour of fighting, York fell to Kiev and PAS forces.

Although the revolutionaries had successfully defeated Sarovia, Emperor Constantine was unable to accept his defeat and ordered his troops to disseminate propaganda that they had won the war. Ultimately, this had no effect, as the damage had been done and Sarovia stripped of their territory.