Xavian Days

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The Xavian Days, or the Time of the Xavis, was a period that can be characterized by the Xavi Family's tight grip on military power. It was at this time that Fyre Xavi, the family's patriarch, had great sway over the community through his positions and that of his family members.

Fyre Xavi was, as Xiaoguard put it in his blog post back in 2016, the builder of tomorrow. People like him are what creates the foundation on which we all stand and he certainly did, more specifically for his family. Wherever the Xavis went thrived, whichever they left died, and this seemingly endless cycle stopped when Fyre created Nova Byzantium Autokratoria, his magnum opus, the "embodiment" of his ideals, and he labeled his family "men among mice".

Asides from the New Sarovian Empire, 2017 was also the year Azrael Kusan, Peter Rhodes, and Fyre Xavi were some kind of trio, and there was a point back then when they were all under one banner. Now, you might be asking, "Why Xavian Days if it was a trio?" Well, you see, this was when the Xavis actually flourished and left an impact on the community. They were the driving force of multiple guilds at that time.

2017 and 2018 were very blurry for me but one thing I am certain of was the impact the Xavi Family left on the community, and the prestige and prominence the family garnered during this time reverberates up to this day.

Auel Vist and Xinke Han's The Free States also happened in 2017. Though it died a month into 2018, it is worth noting that Fyre Xavi's infamous debate with Auel about Muslims is the attributed source of the events that led to the death of the massive nation.

The fall of the Free States is the start of the Troubling Times, the forgotten months in military history.