Thomas Shelby

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Thomas Shelby A.K.A Kume

Thomas Shelby became an Graalian in 2013, his first server was Graal Classic, but he never enjoyed it there so he quickly left the server and joined the Ol'West Community also the Peaky Blinders.This gang was founded by Robert who after few months when Thomas joined, he quitted and the Leadership passed to him.However, Thomas spend almost two years in trading to learn the game even more and so the prices of every item.However, he managed to make friends who helped him with the Peaky Blinders, people such as Ethan*, Zinab, Yin and many more.However, in 2017, he was a bit more interested to know about the Military Gangs, and one of those were The Aurean Empire.

The Aurean Empire

- He joined in 2017 as an Private, where he quickly learned about militaries and he was promoted to Ensign and then later on as an Officer.He managed to do massive recruitment considering at that time Aurea had the numbers but not the activity.After a massive recruitment, Kevlar Vaugh himself was proud and satisfied from Thomas Job, but after a few months, there was a guy called Arno.Which they both got in a beef and Thomas claimed that Arno scammed him, however in the trial leaded by the Judge Minister, Peter the trial was invalid because without evidence Thomas trial went down.Because of that he decided to leave the Aurea and so his fellows did.Around 15 Aurean Members left the Empire in oppirnity to join the Peaky Blinders.

Golden Era of the Peaky Blinders

- Thomas and his ex aurean members rejoined back to the Peaky Blinders to make it active once again.However, after taking this community even more seriously he formed the famous crime family called.. The Shelby Family.Which was founded by Thomas himself with some help of Zinab, Arthur & Blake.The Peaky Blinders became famous in 2018 by owning the territory of the Trading House.He was known as one of the best traders in West of all time.The time passed, Peaky Blinders managed to turn into a beast.Therefore, after the Shelby Meeting was over, They decided to form two sub gangs such as Peaky Academy & Peaky Traders.The community became even larger, this golden era stand for 6 months until few situtations changed...

The Aurean Conflicts

- After some missunderstandings with the Aurean Empire, Thomas decided to declare war against the tyranny of Aurea.The first battlefield happened at the Indian lands, fishing shop.. Thomas was ambushed by the Aureans so he was forced to call the banners on discord.After several Peakys got the call they immediatetly logged in to support Thomas and the battle took turn into Peaky's advantage.The Aurean's were defeated in the first part of the Battle!

However after some days of the great victory, Aureans were planning a mass recruitment in oppurnitty to defeat the Peaky Blinders, however after the Shelby Meeting was over, Thomas decided to provocate the Aureans to fight the second battlefield.

14 Peaky Blinders were marching south to meet with their opponents, however in that time most of Aureans were into their positions and were waiting for Peaky's on the lake as they already knew that they are coming.At the beginning of the battle the numbers were almost the same, but after several minutes the Aurean number became double, It was a battle 14 vs 20-22.It was a clear defeat, however Thomas sent rumors to Aureans for Peace agreements.The Meeting took place at Arno's house, Thomas & the Leadership made clear that Peaky Blinders wanted a white peace, a truce.However, the Aurean's refused the peace and wanted the Peaky's to surrender as they were weak, Thomas refused his surrender and the meeting ended with fully confusion and with undecided matters.However, after a while somehow the Aurean superiors used an broken variant of wiping gangs.And the Peaky Blinders was wiped three times, so Thomas decided to surrender so his gang wouldn't be wiped again.

After a while, in 2019 Thomas was invited to join the Aurean ranks once again, but this time the Shelby Family & The Peaky Blinders would also join their ranks, in return Thomas would be Magistrate of the Lorraine Province under Peter.However, this didn't lasted long considering Arno kept bullying and Thomas left once again even though Kevlar wasn't happy either with that decision.

End of Golden Era

- Back in 2019, Thomas Shelby & the Peaky Leadership finally decided to disband the Peaky Blinders considering they had enough and it was time for everyone to mind their own business.Without the Peaky Blinders the Tradings almost died, later on.The Shelby Finances shared his wealthness to every Shelby Member as an reward, Thomas Shelby's adventure ended in West somewhere at mid 2019.

The Beginning in Era

- After a while of the Ol'West chaos, Thomas Shelby was invited by the Era Military superiors to join the German Empire as a Field Marshal and Head of the Germany.Due to the past experience he had, he managed to reorganise the German army and form around 3 divisions (some say 4), in a small period he managed to become a well known person by the Mafias aswell.He leaded 3 operations in total as Marshal, he cleared the Storm Virus by declaring war to the Swedish Armies who were the current occupant, the operation was called LSM.

After some unknown conflicts between Thomas and his chancellor Wilhelm Altenhofen, Thomas abandoned the German Empire and this move was considered as a betrayal by Wilhelm and the rest of the generals.

Black Berrets

- This special military unit was formed after Thomas Shelby left the German Empire altogether with somewhere around 10 members who also were part of the Germany.While the Berrets were growing up, the new was spread everywhere and mafias used this excuse to destroy the Black Berrets and Thomas once for all.

Battle of Mansion

- According to the participants, the battle of mansion took somewhere around 4 hours fighting without stopping.There were two sides, the Black Berrets who were supported by the Moons, while Germany was supported by Musitano, Tattaglia, Wongs & Casttro.

Thomas managed to have 13-15 members on his side, while being outnumbered against Germans and his allies who had 30-35.The battle began, both sides clashed with each other.. the Black Berrets started to drop hugely to 7, while the German force was remaining still.After a tiring war of a few hours, the German allies pulls back from the battle as they already saw it was pointless.The few Berrets didn't gave up, however the Germans claimed they had a screenshot evidence of them having less than 3 on the war zone.While Thomas Shelby didn't admitted and he claimed he had a video evidence aswell, the confusion remains even nowdays..

I have won every battle, but i am losing this war - Thomas Shelby

End of the Black Berrets

- A meeting was held where Thomas Shelby participated aswell, the Mafia Crime Families wished this mess to be over for the sake of the realm.Thomas agreed signing the peace, however he mysteriously dissappered from the game and the Black Berrets were disbanded.

The Shelby Cartel

- Somewhere between 13-15th, 2020 April Thomas Shelby made his comeback, this was shocking new for his old enemies and for those who didn't know him.He quickly formed The Shelby Cartel and a few albanian crews, first to face him was a mob called Vice Kings.The Shelby Cartel managed to outflank them and get a W from it, they started to grow even more.

Few days ago it was reported that they also won in a streaking war against Red Rose Crime Family who are part of the "Five Families Syndicate".

Shelby Cartel is also known as The Chems since they have lot of chem users somewhere around 6-8 (not official count).