The Big Three

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"A general to lead the armies, a prime minister to lead the government, and a king to unite them."
The Big Three were the three main founders of the State. They consist of Auel, Viral, and James. Together, they generated the concept of the State and created it in the December Charter. Wielding the largest amount of members from their respective guilds in parliament, they wielded the most power and became the three most powerful members in the Old State.


CEO of Elite Mercenaries, Viral was commissioned by Parliament to create the State Military as it's commander. Viral was the first member of The State Military and was unanimously voted in as General of the Army by Parliament in the first election. As General of the State Military, Viral commissioned the first uniforms and organized it as a tower guild.


Emperor of Imperia, Auel was appointed by Parliament as King of The State, giving him executive powers to create new guilds and veto laws passed by parliament. Voted in by a majority vote, defeating Zearos in the first election. He, with Prime Minister James, drafted the first Constitution. Auel pushed for expansion of the military against the majority of Parliament, resulting in the Communist Rebellion. The rebellion resulted in increased power in the King after Auel dismissed Parliament, setting the State down the eventual road toward dictatorship.


King of Valikorlia, James was elected by Parliament as leader of Parliament. He organized sessions, sent delegations to other guilds, and expanded the State to include more and more guilds in the new alliance. James played a major role in the drafting of the Constitution, especially it's checks and balance system. A champion for rights, government and civil service, James was highly popular among the opposition party. When the Communist Rebellion broke out, James began to lose power as Parliament was shut down by the State Military to suppress rebel representatives.