Pax Imperiana

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Pax Imperiana started when the Aurean-Imperian campaign against the New Sarovian Empire started. During this time, the Holy Imperian Empire positioned itself as the dominant military force in the community and found itself leading all international discussions.

During this time, Imperia expanded to several other kingdoms, from Harau's own Kingdom of Bacseyia to the later rebel kingdom of Niflheim. Xinke and Azrael were at the forefront of community politics, having a large sway over public opinion due to their successful propaganda machine, such as the BGMC Discord Server and the GCPD.

For some time after the defeat of Sarovia, the community found itself paralyzed at the height of Imperia's power.

Imperia's deterioration can be said to have started when the Kingdom of Arcadia seceded from the empire, dealing a massive blow to Imperia's number. This gradual loss of power became more apparent when the the Arcadian Sovereignty, the new name of Arcadia, and the Maverian Kaiserreich formed the Southern League and rivaled Imperia's power.

Pax Imperiana ended after the anti-Sarovian coalition set its eyes on Imperia's territories. Imperia tried to "switch" from the GMC to the Graal Military Association, which was a joint project of a number of prominent military figures that was never finished. Imperia later lost all of its territories to Arcadia, Oxeria, Maveria, and Atiesh in a multiple-front attack on July 21st 2020.