Notable Guilds and Leaders of 2021

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  • 1/3/21: Octavia and The Kingdom of Novenia are merged into The Royaume de Levia, lead by Sace K. LeQue.
  • 1/11/21: Corinth, led by Aiken L. Neplion is disbanded.
  • 1/28/21: Fyre Xavi announces his departure, as well as the disbandment of Byzantium as a whole.
  • 1/27/21: Reino Spartano, led by Itsuka Valarior is disbanded.


  • 2/2/21: Lathum is relaunched, lead by Thanatos Lathum.
  • 2/2/21: Arnold Amptriull launches House Amptriull.
  • 2/3/21: The Niflheim Corps is relaunched, lead by Tsu Lodbrok.
  • 2/5/21: Octane Feurnoux launches The Abaddon Stronghold.
  • 2/7/21: Levia, led by Sace K. LeQue is disbanded.
  • 2/11/21: The Niflheim Corps is disbanded.
  • 2/12/21: Choco Bites* launches the Karlsburg Raiders.
  • 2/21/21: Koningrijk Des Lathum, led by Thanatos Lathum, is disbanded.
  • 2/22/21: The Abaddon Stronghold, led by Octane Feurnoux, is disbanded.
  • 2/27/21: Jaxson Kamno launches The Kingdom of Avernia.


  • 3/5/21: Kronborg Castle, led by Christian VII is launched.
  • 3/6/21: The Second Kingdom of Arcadia transitions into a Roman-themed Republic.
  • 3/7/21: The Kingdom of Avernia is disbanded.
  • 3/16/21: Ajax launches the Belmont Confederation on Ol' West.
  • 3/20/21: The State of Amptriull is disbanded.
  • 3/27/21: Aster Draco launches Mangesta Revera on Ol' West.
  • 3/28/21: Hizack launches The Golden Khans on Ol' West.
  • 3/29/21: The Basileus Colonial Empire is disbanded.


  • 4/8/21: Reino Spartano, led by Itsuka Valarior and Vlad Dracull is relaunched.
  • 4/26/21: Donald launches Nova Cerenthia.
  • 4/26/21: Fergus launches Semper Forctus.