Notable Guilds and Leaders of 2020

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  • Castle Blackfyre, led by Odin, is launched.


  • Castle Blackfyre leadership is transferred over to James as leaderships eventually falls into JJ's possession, who conquers the guild for Kiev. The remainder of Castle Blackfyre's loyalists are mass kicked by JJ, while the others are absorbed into Kiev Grad.
  • Sergei Nikolai officially relaunches Kiev Grad.
  • Kiev Grad is disbanded.
  • The Kingdom of Arnithen, lead by Terian Lepos is made.
  • Imperia transitions back into their original crusader theme.



  • Hizack secedes from Imperia forming The Revolutionary State.
  • Zaza leads The Imperial State.
  • Imperian leadership ends Imperia on Classic.
  • The Kingdom of Corinth, lead by Aiken L. Neplion is made.
  • Zaza steps down as the leader of The Imperial State with Auel Logan taking his place. The Imperial State is then effectively transitioned into The Auxiliary States.
  • Oxeria transitions into a democratic socialist republic and forms two region tags.


  • Auro Roma is made, lead by Kevlar and Nylius Vaughn.
  • The Maverian Republic is dissolved by its leadership.
  • The Blades of Ezra, lead by Clovis Zenfur is launched.
  • Ajax Avidius leads Monteçon-Lorraine.
  • The Auxiliary States, led by Auel Logan are disbanded.
  • The New Sarovian Empire is dissolved by its leadership, with its former members creating four region tags, becoming a part of Oxeria's confederation.
  • The New Sarovian Empire is once again dissolved, this time after Constantine Vasa abdicates the throne to Kevlar Vaughn.


  • Aurea is disbanded.
  • Aurelia, led by Leon Fessler is disbanded.
  • Sammy Romari leads The Kingdom of Neridor.


  • Nekron is created, lead by Monty Naz.
  • Oxeria, led by Emily ll VirTue is disbanded.
  • The Revolutionary State is disbanded.
  • Constantine makes a return, declaring himself Emperor of Sarovia (Disputed by the Aurean nobility).
  • Kevlar Vaughn leads the Order of St. Emera under the banner of Montecon-Lorraine.
  • The Order of St. Emera is disbanded.
  • Castle Furous, lead by Heran Furous is launched.


  • Neridor is disbanded.
  • Ajax Kaage transitions Montecon-Lorraine to the Communist State of Borgia and the Republic of Pwontan, led by Ajax himself and Hizack Lux respectively.
  • Castle Furous is disbanded.
  • Nekron leadership is transferred over to Naz.
  • The Communist State of Borgia and the Republic of Pwontan are dissolved.