Notable Guilds and Leaders of 2018

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  • The Free States, Led by Li-Xingke, Auel and many others.
  • Another year for Constantine Vasa's New Sarovian Empire



  • Nishion Empire is founded by Emperor Lenxius.



  • Choco Bites* founds Konigreich Maveria under the name Karl I Braganza
  • Muzak Kusan creates Slavian Empire.


  1. Muzak Kusan recreates Slavia after it falls, He continues to do this throughout this period.
  2. KSSR led by Sergei
  3. Donald Rhodes creates Cerenthia.
  4. Truth R. Verrin Re-establishes Vire with groundbreaking success


  • Aurea returns, still under Kevlar Vaughn, as the Third Aurean Empire.
  • Maveria undergoes a theme change and becomes WW2 Germany themed, Choco Bites* is now "President Gustavus"
  • Towards the end of July, Emily recreates Oxerian Empire.


  • Auel returns mid August to form the Unified States, lasts around 2-3 weeks.
  • Heinrich Furyan creates The State of Libertalia
  • Choco Bites' Maveria is still active and has reached a lifetime of 4 months
  • Towards the end of August, Muzak returns and recreates Slavia.
  • Oxeria is turned into a Region of NSE by Emily.


  • The New Sarovian Empire still rules the waves. The Pax Sarovica is reinforced.
  • Maveria dissolves as Choco moves on with his life.


  • Another month for Constantine's New Sarovian Empire. Under leadership of Martius Vasa-Oxeria and Emily Vasa-Oxeria.
  • Thanatos created Huize Lathum(Second Lathum era) It lasted 2 months.


  • AAPA Created by Truth R. Verrin
  • The Aurean Empire secures its dominance in the West, defeating Thomas Shelby's Peaky Blinders and then forcing the gang to dissolve.


  • Ian Clovis re-establishes Maverian Kongreich
  • Nealon Empire was launched under Twister
  • Paw Vivre makes Imperial Verlin
  • The New Kingdom Of Pravia Was launched by Lynx Pravata V.
  • Clovis Isaac re-establishes The Vadim Stratocracy