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The Blades of Nekron

Representative Emblem


Zyon, Suzuya, Monty


October 29th, 2020


Zyon, Monty





Nekron is a prominent guild of the Graal Military Community, founded by Naz, Suzuya and Monty in 2020. It was deeply inspired by the Fist of Vengence (FoV) and the Blades of Ezra, a guild Zyon Naz and Clovis Zenfur designed. The concept for Nekron was drawn in April 2020 for iEra as a cult themed guild. It would be redesigned to fit classic in October 2020 by Zyon Naz, Monty Naz and Suzuya.

The Blades of Nekron: First Era

Nekron had began as a traditional war guild, pulling on high tag filling numbers due to the large Pinoy member base. The first era of Nekron kicked off with a war against House Romari. On Nekron's third day, it pulled 45 members together to fight twelve Romarite soldiers for Deadwood, resulting in a near instant victory. At the peak of Suzuya in Nekron, his half of the guild consisted of five Armifera Fatum tags, which translates to bearer of fate. There was a single English tag named "The Followers of Nekron". On the second month of Nekron, the English tag had come close to death due to Zyon and Monty having to walk away for a week period. Zyon and Monty returned to a broken guild and sought to rebuild it. At the very same time Suzuya was retiring, leaving Armifera Fatum in the hands of Leo, which only consisted of a single tag. Armifera Fatum would not last the month due to Monty passing the title of Overlord to Zyon, giving Zyon the ability to make much needed structural changes to the guild, which would include more FoV and Ezra influence, as well as the decommissioning of Armifera Fatum.

December 2020 - 2021

The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 had created new obstacles for the newly reformed Blades of Nekron. At this point in time, Nekron was affiliated with Arnithen and had extreme anti-Arcadian beliefs. Nekron and Arnithen had met on the field in order to attack Ross and Arcadia, defeating both. During the month of December, Fyre Xavi launched a new Byzantine guild, which immediately began hostilities with Nekron. At the time, Nekron and Arnithen would cease all relations due to Terian becoming a staunch supporter of Arcadia. Nekron would then become friends with the New Sarovian Empire (NSE), placing the guilds on opposite ends of the GMC spectrum. Nekron would meet Byzantine and its allies on the field for only one important battle, in which Nekron, Livonia and Sarovia would be at war with Byzantine, Arcadia and Arnithen. At around 4 A.M. (Eastern Standard Time), 7 Nekronian soldiers would take the Arcadian capital, Destiny, fighting against 27 Arcadians. As Byzantine drew to a close, new enemies would appear such as Lathum. However, they were extremely short lived, only meeting Nekron and Gryfon Imperium on the field once, with Nekron emerging victorious. In this timeframe, Nekron had betrayed the New Sarovian Empire by supporting the masskicking of its 1st Division and recruiting Jaxson Kamno, the man responsible.

The End of First Era

Nekron would spend the majority of the first era engaging in war on a near weekly basis. Most of these conflicts were Nekron against giant alliances, specifically Arnithen, Arcadia and others. However, even with the constant war, Nekron had become something entirely different than what it started as, it was a family, the most notable accomplishment of the first era was the strong community Nekron had, but in April, the first era came to a close, with Zyon too busy to continue and the Unified State right around the corner. The Overlord's Chamber unanimously agreed that Nekron needed a break. During this break, Nekron had managed to score one last victory on Arcadia before they disbanded, through a screenshot taken by Zyon and Monty during the TUS-Arcadian conflict. The planning and new connections formed over the break would lead into the second era, giving Zyon the tools to fulfil his vision.

The Blades of Nekron: Second Era