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The Magnus family was created in 2014 by Ryzallion Magnus. It quickly became the family name for all high ranking and notable members of Imperia. It rose to prominence under King Xinke Han's reign of Imperia, and during the 2nd War of Paranoia. After Imperia fell, the family continued to grow, albeit more slowly, to include many people associated who had been associated with any Imperian guild. An alt account of Ryzallion held the guild "Magnus", which lasted for years with the tagline "The Royal Family of Imperia".

The Wiping of 'Magnus'

In November of 2017, John Atlas Vasa, at the time Crown Prince of the Sarovian Empire, was removed from the guild Magnus, and was formally removed from the family. John did not take this well, and had Auel Sherlock Zor, at the time known as Emperor Constantine of the Sarovian Empire, blackmail James* Kazakov using personal information he had extracted in order to gain access to James account. Once in, he exploited a well known "kick glitch" that he used to wipe the guild. Unfortunately, as Ryz had lost the alt account on which the guild was held, it could not be recovered, and the guild Magnus had to be retired. Zearos D. S'ahlesius renamed an old guild of his to "Magnus Family" and recruited all active members of the Magnus family as an attempt to repair some of the damage that was done. The guild has still not fully recovered, but is getting closer every day.

For further details about John and his wiping of Magnus, click here to read more.


  • Ryzallion Vennaire Magnus
  • Xinke Auel Han Magnus
  • Zearos Deklazdier Magnus S'ahlesius
  • Collin Magnus
  • Kozak Magnus
  • Eazallar Rallazae Magnus
  • Keith Magnus
  • Demon Eatshumans Magnus
  • Bliss Magnus
  • Harriskar Magnus
  • Occido Magnus
  • Xeno Magnus Bacsey
  • Maximus Magnus
  • Riely Magnus
  • Regius S. Magnus
  • iDC! Magnus
  • Azoun Magnus
  • Zee Magnus
  • Halt Magnus
  • Noxious Magnus
  • Azrael Magnus
  • Grey Magnus
  • Envisage Magnus
  • Bjorn Magnus
  • Mavis Magnus
  • T Magnus
  • Noctis Magnus
  • Hylia Magnus
  • Jaz Magnus
  • Mel Magnus
  • Kei Magnus
  • Itsuka Magnus
  • Stephano Magnus

Magnus Family Tree

Former Members

  • John Vasa
  • James Kazakov
  • Sol Fessler
  • Richard Lux
  • Thanatos Lathum
  • Hailey Solis
  • Hizack Dumont
  • Tsu
  • Isiah
  • Ram