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Current projects

Migration to Miraheze (March, 2020)

After careful deliberation, the Graal Historical Society decided, with the support of the Wiki Executive Committee, to transfer and move the wiki and its contents from FANDOM to a new wiki, hosted by Miraheze, with our own custom domain. This move was taken with the continuity and preservation of community history in mind. The Executive Committee did most of the transferring and editing.

The migration was deemed finished around June 2020 and all aspects of the wiki have been properly set up. The Executive Committee has been disbanded in order to give way to a new wave of contributors.

Future projects

  • Newsletter/Wordpress blog post integration with MediaWiki Extension:Newsletter
  • Wiki RSS feed integration with Discord server (GMC)
  • Interactive map showing ingame territory
  • Writing contest (Fiction)
  • Hiring of new staff members