Auro-Sarovian Era

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The Auro-Sarovian Era can be characterized as the time before the military community as we knew it changed. The New Sarovian Empire ushered a new age of prosperity, unity, and dominance in the community, and it reshaped not just many of the systems that the community had but also shifted the minds of many. The Aurean Union did the same as well, revolutionizing not just the systems, or the internal workings of guilds, but also the exterior, most notably their variation of uniforms, and how people conducted themselves in wars.

The Auro-Sarovian Era can be said to have started when the late Constantine Mako began building a massive empire with the remnants of his old projects. Sarovia underwent rapid expansion and production of uniforms that steered away from the State standard.

Several militaries and coalitions tried to fend off the growing Sarovian menace, most notably Muzak Kusan's Reinhard Empires and Peter Rhodes' Malum Company. The State also made an appearance during this time, under another name but with the same State officer corps. These guilds were unsuccessful in eradicating what they had foreseen as a future terror.

Surprisingly so, even after amassing a line up of big military figures such as Xinke Han and Zearos S'ahlesius, the New Sarovian Empire fell but not because of its enemies. It fell due to the lack of direction after Constantine decided to abdicate. His abdication led to a succession crisis and the crisis tore the empire apart until it was nothing but five empty Sarovian tags and one empty rebel tag.

When the NSE fell, many of its officers, proud of their Sarovian heritage, was scattered throughout various guilds. Several Sarovian iterations, such as the Enclave, were started by Constantine during those days, but none ever reached the success of his first one.

In late 2016, the New Sarovian Empire returned, though not with the same grandeur of its better predecessor. During this time, Kevlar Vaughn, a well-decorated former officer of the State, launched Communist Aurea, officially the Union of Communist Aurean States. With Chiang (Zakiev), Peter Rhodes (For some time), and Regius Faust, Kevlar created what would become one of the community's mainstream military guilds.

It was obvious that there were two blocs at that time: The Aurean Bloc and the Sarovian Bloc. They opposed each other, and this rivalry culminated with the Saro-Aurean War, which one could argue to have changed the definition of war for years to come. With the help of Grizz Regium, apparently an Aurean conspirator, several Aurean agents were able to infiltrate the Sarovian regiments and use what Aurea would later call "sorcery". Sarovia was annihilated from the first to the last regiments, despite being in a some kind of stalemate in the previous battles.

Aurea would enter 2017, and had planned a theme change. For some time, the community was at peace—Pax Aurea as Aureans would call it—and the guild only had to deal with a revolt or two; the Minutemen Rebellion and the Red Revolution, both were quelled after some time. Bavaria was also annexed by Aurea under Communist Bavaria.

The Empire transitioned to a Napoleonic French theme later on. Around that time, the New Sarovian Empire made a come back and absorbed many Aurean rebels into their ranks.

The end of the Auro-Sarovian Era can be dated to when Azrael's reign as Emperor of the First Aurean Empire ended. This, on the other hand, is the start of the Xavian Days.