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The State

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"While it could be debated whether or not Viral was the greatest General in State history, there is no question that he was the most important. He defined what it meant to be a state soldier, a state officer, and what it was to be a state general. Under his leadership, The State Military emerged from an alliance of small guilds into one of the most powerful and influential guilds Graal has ever seen."

- Colonel Fang, 9th Infantry Company, December 2012


Elite Mercenaries

Before The State, during the pre-unification era, Viral, then known as De Wolf, was the CEO of Elite Mercenaries. A Private Military Contractor (PMC) that sold its assistance to the highest bidder. Their activities included security, intimidation, and selling towers to large guilds. Comprised of 5 subsidiaries, Elite Mercenaries boasted about 100+ members. One of Elite Mercenary's members, Soren, eventually went on to harass The State for several eras.

Viral's precursor to the State was when he was contracted by the research and development group Krung Thep. Viral's men worked with Krung Thep to develop technologies that would later be taken by a Krung Thep researcher, Auel, to help create The State. Viral participated in the development of the Mk. 1 Sentinels. It was while being contracted by Krung Thep's leader, Cae, that Viral first encountered Auel and Harau Bascey. It would be more than a year before they would meet again.

In time, Viral quit and Elite Mercenaries fell apart.

But in December 2012, Viral revived Elite Mercenaries.

The State

Viral was one of The Big Three, and a major force in the founding of The State. After being contacted by Auel, he agreed to pledge Elite Mercenaries to the creation of The State and signed the December Charter. He was the Chief Representative of Elite Mercenaries to The State Parliament before being commissioned to form The State Military. Elite Mercenaries and it's sub-guilds served as the foundation on which The State Military and its Battalions were formed. The guilds were re-named and Viral was elected to become the General of The Army, granting him total control over the military.


"Everyone was always calling me a pimp, so I just said 'Fuck it,' and became one."
-- Viral, on his guild, Pimpin.
Sometime in 2014, Viral, who had long gotten over militaries, decided to make "Pimpin." A guild where he quite literally was a pimp. He accumulated several girls to act as Graal 'prostitutes', and proceeded to sell dirty talk to desperate teenagers. "The sad part is that it worked", Viral said when asked about his guild.

Viral made quite a bit of money off of this, surprisingly. However, his 'prostitutes' left him when he refused to pay them. Later, when he was high, he renamed his guild "Free Love Academy," and that was the end of his pimping days.