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Welcome to the Wiki,
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June 30th, 2020

Welcome to the Wiki.

The Graal Historical Society has decided to abolish the committee system which created the Execom and the different administrative teams that managed the wiki. The system was deemed inefficient given the wiki's collaborative and community-driven nature. With this, we encourage you, dear contributor, to fill and update the wiki with new information that are close to your heart. We may move on or forget these all happened, but whatever is written here will remain here for as long as the Graal Historical Society stands. Be part of the wiki, be part of history. All it takes is creating a new page or editing existing ones. Let's make sure the time we poured into this community isn't wasted.

The Wiki is currently looking for new staff, as well as current guild leaders to collaborate with for new community projects. If you are interested in joining or working with us, get in touch with Xiaoguard, Zearos, or Nyl.

Thank you,


Please note the graphics depot is currently down for maintenance.


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Active Military Guilds & Organizations (with a wiki page)

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Notable Conflicts

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